My name’s Veronika and I’m the author of this blog! …

Errm, so…honestly? I’m not sure what to write in this section as it’s kind of hard to decide what’s worth mentioning, and besides, I don’t want to talk rubbish.

It could be good to mention some basic info about me then:

  • 1) I’m 21 yo.
  • 2) I’ve always loved foreign languages, that’s why I went to study abroad. I’m currently studying Spanish at University of Glasgow. I also studied Russian and German for a while and I might get back to them later (at least for the sake of annoying everyone with those harsh accents). It’s just that I’m way more passionate about Spanish/English and you should always do what you’re most interested in, that’s the key to happiness in my point of view.
  • 3) I come from the Czech Republic (aye, there’s no Czechoslovakia since 1993), so my mother tongue is Czech.
  • 4) I come from a huge foster family and I am grateful to have so many astonishing siblings… I’d tell you the number, but I can’t even count them myself anymore,… way too many of them!
  • 5) Since I was a kid, I have been into sports of any kind and for that reason, I devote most of my free time to fitness and recently became an officially qualified trainer. Earlier, I did karate for about 7 years, so you’d better keep reading my blog or I’ll kick your ass! Just kidding!… or not…?
  • 6) I love jokes. I love laughter. I love people with a good sense of humor… so if you don’t, you probably won’t like me. Whatever, I think I can live with that. Yes, I do love sarcasm. I’m Chandler (from Friends, for those slow-witted. As for those who haven’t watched….no comment).
  • 7) I’m into EATING (and preparing the food apparently). One might even say I’m a food freak…. or just a freak? Anyway, it’s one of the most fundamental parts of my life … and one of the most favourite!
  • 8) I’m into SLEEP and taking naps – another super important and favourite activity of my life. I’m able to fall asleep under any circumstances, conditions, at any time and place. What a skill! I guess I should put that into my CV.
  • 9) Favourite animal – I have always loved horses, unfortunately my parents never let me ride them. Nowadays I ride them occasionally (bcuz I’m a grown up already and I can do whatever I want).
  • 10) I love all animals and people ….except for insects, uuh…. sorry Spiderman! Well, therefore, I’m trying to change my habits, attitude, thinking and become vegan – cruelty-free – plant-based…blabla as much as I can. In general, I’d love to be more aware of global problems. I mean… not to get crazy, mad or anything, just explore the world in a healthy respectful way.
  • 11) I love taking photos and making videos. Why? Well, I believe I have an Alezheimer’s disease and since I forget nearly everything, it’s a good way to preserve memories, . Via looking at pictures/watching a video you can experience a part of your life again and again, plus you can inspire others… or at least satisfy those nosy stalkers, right? Who wouldn’t want that?
  • 12) Nature…. I completely adore nature and being outside breathing some fresh air. It’s like an HD film except for that it’s real (especially with glasses on if you’re as blind as me).
  • 13) I have always loved playing, either with lego, table games or on PC (I played WoW for several years, what a nerd, credit goes to my older bro, thanks)
  • 14) Travelling – Who wouldn’t like to visit new places, explore and admire those breathtaking landscapes and  buildings?
  • 15) Drawing/painting– I’d say this dates to my early childhood and basically has gone on. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly good at it, but I really enjoy it.
  • 16) Coffee – I don’t even know why I put it as point n.16 as it’s an indispensable part of my life! You know, normal people procrastinate, I procaffeinate.
  • 17) Music – another great way to relax. It’s even better when it’s live, esp. piano, guitar, violin…..eh, actually they’re all good. I used to play the guitar and piano and I wish, one day when I have more time, I can play them again. I know, it’s all about priorities, not time.
  • P.S. here’s my facebook and instagram account.


There’s a lot of stuff I could say about myself, but I assume it’s better to divide that into more complex stories and posts (that’s the aim having a blog, huh?) so hold on, more about me later.





In case you’re more the “see” (rather than “read”) person, there’s a photo of me proving that I can fall asleep literally anywhere: