I know it’s been forever and despite me being a ‘newbie’ blogger, I am aware it’s not the way you’re supposed to have a blog. Well, new year, new goals, new me… blabla. Even though I don’t believe you can change completely just for the sake of ‘the new year’, I still do have some New Year’s resolutions and things I’d like to change.



  • 1) Post more often (unexpectedly). A few months ago, I decided to make a blog because it always seemed kinda cool to me and I wanted to give it a try. I do realise that I should post more than every two months if I want some readers so….let’s do it!
  • 2) Study more. Every student (at least I hope that I’m not alone) struggles to force themselves to study … I mean, especially when there’s like a million other appealing stuff to do… (e.g. lying in bed, staring at the wall and thinking about the life of the bug sitting over there)
  • 3) Get fit. I know, this is literally everyone’s resolution and yes I’m a sheep that just follows the herd. Although I’m not a hundred kilos overweight, I do have some fat I wish to lose and muscles I’d like to tone.
  • 4) Eat more consistently. This is connected with the previous resolution, because you can’t have the results without a proper diet. Therefore, I will keep track of all the macros I’ll be eating before I learn to maintain a healthy diet without counting. I know it may sound ridiculous and as too much work, especially since I’m not competing in bikini fitness or anything, but I actually find it quite fun and handy to know that I’m eating enough protein, carbs, fats etc. Also when you’re vegan, everyone likes to tell you that you’ll die of protein deficiency. Let’s prove them wrong.
  • 5) Drink more. No silly, not alcohol. Water. It’s another factor that can’t be omitted when it comes to a healthy diet. Sometimes I have a headache or feel shite and then realise that I haven’t drunk enough. Drinking enough water is so simple but at the same time tricky. Let’s all grab a cute bottle then and cheers!
  • 6) Worry less. Selflove and a happy, stress-free life have been promoted in the past few years a lot. I agree that it’s essential to be aware of not only our physical health, but mental health too. The mind and the body are not two separate worlds and we can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind, and vice versa. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my mental health lately so I want to devote more of my time to activities that make me happy.
  • 7) Read more. I keep avoiding books telling myself I’ve already read too much for the course. Then I find it hard to read something of my choice. But let’s face it, we all know it’s a mere excuse.
  • 8) Successfully finish my second year at uni. Well, that’s clear I guess.
  • 9) More time with my family. When you’re far away from your loved ones, it’s quite hard to find the time and way to be with them. My family is a significant part of my life and I wish to be with them more. The solution for now could be having more skype calls and hopefully, I’ll spend the whole summer with them.
  • 10) Be more open. Whether it’s trying new food, activities, meeting new people or travelling, I’d like to experience more. There are days when I’m just being lazy and not feel like doing anything. Although it’s necessary to have some time off, for me, it can last for days. As our life is time-limited, I’d love to see, try and enjoy as much as I can.



What are your New Year’s resolutions? Have you started working on them yet?


Let me know and cya!