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Hey! My name’s Veronika and I’m pleased to welcome you on my blog. Here you can find anything I’m knowledgeable and passionate about enough to write it down. Long story short – vegan recipes, travel, fitness, life stories and pretty much anything that crosses my mind…


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The Cheesy Sauce

The Cheesy Sauce

Carroty-Coconuty-Cheesy   ‘Don’t you miss cheese?’ ‘Oh, I couldn’t live without cheese.’   Those are the phrases that I hear all the time. I know, not eating cheese can be tough. Who wouldn’t like that cheesy flavour, right? That’s why I’ve come up with the perfect...

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White Christmas and Los Reyes Magos

aka what’s wrong with traditions     Although the first heading might make you think it’s going to be a happy post about me and my family spending the winter holidays in a remote cottage surrounded by snow and building a snowman, that’s not the story. This Christmas...

Find your inner peace (of cake)

Hello everyone!   Today’s post is about my transition and adoption of a new diet and lifestyle. Call it what you want – plant-based, vegan…whatever. It’s not about the name you give it, it’s about the meaning you credit to it.   Without any further ado… How did I...

Two Ways (Men) I Improve My English #PartTwo

Hola amigos!   Finally, I'm posting the article I wrote like 10 years ago. It's the second part of this article, so make sure you start with that one!   Number two – writing/reading.   Not only speaking is crucial when it comes to language comprehension. Being able to...

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