Easy granola bars

Prep time: 10 minutes + 30 minutes baking

Nutritional information per 100g/ 433kcal/ 13g protein/ 57g carbs/ 17g fats



It’s me again. This time I’m bringing you one of my favourite snacks – a granola bar. It’s dead easy to make, super tasty and a nutritious meal on the go. Sometimes I struggle to eat enough calories, especially when it’s a busy day at work or uni, so having a homemade granola bar with me comes in handy. Simply a great way how to prep your snack and make sure it’s made of ingredients that you like. No added sugar, colourings, preservatives…

Why not give it a try?



250g oatflakes

250g mix of nuts and seeds

I used 50g almonds, 50g sunflower seeds, 50g sesame seeds and 100g pumpkin seeds

Note: the nutritional information may vary, depending on which nuts, seeds etc. you use

250g date syrup

I used Meridian – the consistency of the syrup is very liquid, if you use a different brand, you might need to mix the date syrup with water

100g dried fruits (I used goji berries)

10g ground cinnamon


Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Pour the date syrup into the mixture and stir thoroughly. Put it on a baking tray and leave it in the oven for about 30 minutes on 170 degrees. Let it cool, cut it into bars and enjoy.




Let me know how it went!



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